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New Zealand Wine

One day in the rolling hills of New Zealand, a local named Patti was tending to his sheep when a confused bloke approached him. “Kia Ora! My son and I are looking for the vineyard where the grapevines are abundant and hearty,” the bloke said. “Ah! Make a right at the lone Nikau just up the road,” Patti responded. The bloke hopped back into his car and told his son to keep his eyes open for the “lonely cow.” After driving for what seemed like hours they found themselves right back on Patti’s farm. “Sorry to bother you, but we’ve searched forever and have yet to find the lonely cow. We’ve seen plenty of sheep but no cows!” the bloke said. With a hearty laugh, Patti responded, “No worries mate, I meant take a right at the lone Nikau tree, not the lonely cow.” The bloke and his son finally found the Nikau tree standing alone with its bright red fruits and blooming mauve flowers. There beside it along the coast was the most beautiful vineyard they had ever seen. And that’s the story of Lonely Cow. Cheers!


Trade Tools

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